State of The Art NEW Equipment

When you are skydiving one of the most important questions that might be on your mind is about equipment. Oklahoma Skydiving Center has NEW equipment for both our students jumpers and tandem jumpers. We also have more transitional rental rigs than many other skydiving centers helping you transition yourself from student gear to the type of equipment you will want to purchase for yourself once you are ready.

Mirage Systems RTS is a student specific skydiving system designed from the ground up for YOU the student. We have a variety of sizes to handle from the smaller jumper all the way up to the maximum size of 250lbs.


The UPT Sigma Tandem Skydiving System is state of the art. We use them because they are the best, and that is our standard. Safety and Reliability at it’s best!


Equipment Sales

Oklahoma Skydiving Center is a dealer for many of the industries best manufacturers, which means we can help you pick out your new or used equipment locally at the best prices! We are dealers for United Parachute Technologies (UPT), Mirage Systems, Precision Aerodyamics, Aerodyne, Performance Designs, Tony Suits, Phoenix Fly, and more.