We are the only skydiving center around with a Turbine Aircraft in our fleet!  14,000 foot skydives every day!  We even offer 18,000 foot premium skydives!  There is no substitute for more altitude and more freefall!


We have added a Turbine 206 to our fleet as of April of 2017.  We purchased the 206 last spring and have partnered with a conversion company to buy a kit from them to upgrade the 206 with a Pratt Whittney PT6 turbine engine!  This aircraft is a game changer for Oklahoma and will be for years to come.  The turbine 206 will allow Oklahoma Skydiving Center to take all of our skydivers to 14,000 feet in less than half the time we used to go to 10,000 feet.  A team of professionals with BAM Aviation completed the conversion over the last nine months so we are super excited to start flying loads with it this year.

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We also have Cessna 182 aircraft that we use on slower days and when we need them overflow.