BASE is and acronym for Building, Antenna, Span, and EARTH.


BASE jumping has actually been around longer than skydiving. All of the first parachute jumps were from fixed objects, airplanes came along years later. At Oklahoma Skydiving Center we have a BASE jumping community and we take organized trips once or twice a year to the Perrine Bridge in Idaho. BASE jumping is legal there year around and this provides an excellent learning environment for new jumpers. Once you have 200 skydives you may be ready for the next level ULTIMATE rush of BASE.  Each year we hand pick the a group of skydivers who are ready for BASE.  We start the training of these candidates with canopy skill because canopy control in the BASE environment is key.  We also have BASE specific canopies that can be put into the BASER container with a reserve that can be used to actually practice packing and then jumping your pack jobs from a plane in preparation for the actual jumps!  Oklahoma Skydiving Center is the only skydiving center in this part of the USA that provides this type of advanced training!  If you think you are ready for fixed object jumping give us a call, or come out and jump with us!