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The highly experienced and professional skydiving demonstration team at Oklahoma Skydiving Center is available to provide an unforgettable experience for your events and celebrations. We can design a program with up to four jumpers utilizing the American flag, smoke, streamers, and even your company logo. Our considerable skill level and experience have allowed us to perform dozens of demonstration jumps around our multi-state area. All Skydiving Exhibition Team members are PRO rated by the USPA and jump insurance is available.

Memorial jumps, also know as ash dives, are offered by our demonstration team. This is a unique way to memorialize your loved ones by sending them off on one last big adventure.

Wedding proposals and anniversary surprises are especially memorable when you include our skydiving demonstration team. A planned skydive with our team combined with our video services guarantees a memory to treasure forever.

Contact us to help you plan the ultimate surprise and trust us to provide the WOW factor in your big moments!

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