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Our 14,000 foot skydive offers almost twice the freefall as other dropzones for the same great skydiving Oklahoma prices!

The most common question about first-time skydiving is cost. Oklahoma Skydiving Center provides the best possible experience with the most affordable pricing for skydiving near OKC and Tulsa.  We understand that your first skydive is a once in a lifetime experience and we’re committed to making sure you love every minute of it! It is our goal to provide the best possible tandem skydiving experience for the best rates in Oklahoma. Our expert team of certified skydiving instructors are highly experienced and passionate about the sport, and we love welcoming new skydivers to jump with us.

You can find all of our tandem skydiving prices, including our video services and discounted group rates, below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us – we’d love to speak with you!

Tandem Skydiving Prices

*All prices reflect a cash discount. 3% more for payment with credit card.

14,000 Feet - Tandem Skydive $240Book
18,000 Feet - Tandem Skydive
Premium High Altitude (available Fri & Sat evenings)

Video Services

*All prices reflect a cash discount. 3% more for payment with credit card.

Instructor Stills Photography
Tandem instructor captured Video or Stills of your skydiving experience.
Instructor Video & Stills
Tandem instructor captured Video AND Stills of your skydiving experience.
Outside Video & Stills
Outside Video and Stills using an outside Videographer to capture your entire skydiving experience.

Group Pricing

Group rates can be applied to any skydives. Have a group larger than 20? Give us a call for a better price!!

10 or more people $10 Off/Person

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WOW. Just WOW. If this is on your bucket list this is the place for you.

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