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Oklahoma Skydiving Center is passionate and dedicated to the sport of Skydiving. Owners Andy and Alyssa Beck have built a stellar team of skydiving instructors and staff members. Many of our team members learned to skydive at this location and from that experience found a place to call home. All of our skydive instructors are certified USPA and highly experienced. The instructors and staff want you to have fun and the entire team is dedicated to creating a safe and memorable adventure.

It takes a village to run a business as intense and safety-centric as skydiving. Oklahoma Skydiving Center thrives because of the vital input of the entire team whether the job is making reservations or maintaining our airplanes. We are proud to introduce our team through sharing their stories and talents.

Staff Spotlight

Jarod "J-Rod" Thompson

Tandem Master / AFF Instructor

Total Jumps: 3,730

Ratings: USPA Tandem and AFF Instructor

USPA: D-31678

Over 3,000 skydives, 100 BASE jumps, USPA Tandem and AFF Instructor. Has been skydiving since 2007 in Oklahoma.

Meet Jarod.

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