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Oklahoma's Only Turbine DZ

The OSC Skydiving Fleet

Oklahoma Skydiving Center is proud to offer a fleet of three meticulously maintained skydiving aircraft.

In April 2017, we added a Turbine 206 to our fleet of aircraft. A team of professionals from BAM aviation completed the conversion to upgrade the 206 with a Pratt & Whitney PT6 Turbine engine. This aircraft is a game changer for Oklahoma Skydiving Center. The Turbine 206 allows OSC to take all of our skydivers to 14,000 feet in less than half the time it took to get to 10,000 feet previously. Additionally, our two Cessna 182s are reserved for use on slower days and when needed for overflow.

We are the only skydiving operator in the area with a dedicated hanger for complete in-house maintenance to keep our aircraft in top condition. We have now partnered with Turbine Conversions as a certified conversion shop. We are so honored to be a part of converting 206’s for the skydiving industry!

Turbine 206

Oklahoma Skydiving Center Turbine 206

Cessna 182

Oklahoma Skydiving Center Cessna 182

This place is great! fastest plane and best jumpers in OK!

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