Tandem Skydiving FAQs

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Preparing for Your Jump

What Can I Expect?

You will be greeted and directed by our experienced staff and certified skydive instructors. You will be asked to complete the necessary forms. You will then proceed with a short ground instruction to be followed by your first tandem skydive!

What Should I Bring With Me?

Wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the weather and please wear tennis shoes. We provide all the equipment necessary for making your first skydive including jumpsuit, goggles, helmet, and technical skydiving equipment. You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch or grab something from nearby fast food and other local restaurants if you get hungry.

Tandem Requirements

Who Can Skydive?

Anyone looking for adventure, challenge, and most importantly, FUN can skydive! The minimum skydiving age limit is 18 years of age and you are never TOO old to start jumping! The skydiving weight limit is 250lbs. There is a small fee over 200 lbs. on tandem jumps that will be added to the price of your skydive.  The fee is $1/ Pound over 200 lbs.


Do you guys really skydive from 14,000 feet?

Yes! At Oklahoma Skydiving Center we skydive from 14,000 feet! We offer the most altitude in our entire region. More altitude is critical when learning to skydive allowing you more time to learn and progress per jump. There is no substitute for more altitude!

Do you offer skydives higher than 14,000 feet?

Yes we do!  We offer the high altitude tandems on Saturday evenings with exit altitude of 18,000 feet.  We also offer high altitude skydives for “B” licensed skydivers periodically.


Why Tandem skydive with Oklahoma Skydiving Center?

Oklahoma Skydiving Center has been in the skydiving business for almost 60 years. We have considerable experience in offering a breath-taking first time skydiving adventure in the area. We have a beautiful clean family friendly facility that is well maintained and comfortable for everyone. We use modern equipment maintained by Oklahoma’s only Master Parachute Rigger. We have upgraded to a Turbine 206 airplane that is FAST and takes our skydivers to 14,000 feet giving you almost twice the freefall as anywhere else in our region.  Our staff is friendly, experienced, and FUN! Our standards allow us to be particular about choosing our staff and we are very proud of the team we have built at Oklahoma Skydiving Center. Read our reviews and come out to see what all the excitement is about!

Where are you located?


What About Weather?

Skydiving is a weather dependent sport. Things to consider are the cloud height, distance, rain, and speed of the wind. If you’re curious if your scheduled date forecasts jumpable weather, give us a call!  If the weather is not skydiving friendly on the day of your jump, we will contact you to reschedule through text messages.

Can I Bring and Wear My Own Camera?

You can use your personal camera anywhere on the ground.

However, for yours and your instructor’s safety, we do not allow you to bring your personal camera of any size or type on the freefall jump. We adhere to the United States Parachute Association recommendation that skydivers must have a minimum of 200 jumps and have had training prior to using any type of recording device.

We are pleased to offer you our Video and Photo services that professionally produced. 

How Soon Can I Make Another Skydive?

Great question! You can skydive the same day, time & weather permitting.

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