Skydiving for my Son’s Birthday

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Taking my son skydiving was awesome!!

Skydiving is even more enjoyable with you can do it with your friends and family!  It is really designed for groups of people to experience a day to remember together.  This last weekend I was blessed enough to skydiving with my son!  What an adventure!

I am always asked if you kids will follow in my CRAZY footsteps, and I always say that I want each child to go after their dreams in whatever direction that takes them.  I have to admit that I sure hope skydiving is part of their overall plan though!

Just as he arrived it had started to cloud up and rain.  We were so disappointed but we continued to wait to see if the weather would improve.  Soon the clouds started to break and we were able to get all the way up to 14,000 feet!

Everything went perfect!  Wow, what an experience!  This is his senior year in high school, so it was a great way to kick it off before school starts.



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