Skydiving Video: What You Need To Know

Monday, April 22, 2019

skydiving videos
Lights. Camera. Action! Adventure is calling! Let’s capture every thrilling moment of it with a skydiving video package.

Get ready for your close up with everything you need to know about tandem skydiving video.

What is a skydiving video?

Some dropzones offer skydiving video services, and we happen to be one of them! Skydiving videos can come in a variety of ways and capture a variety of things. Some skydiving videos are of first-time jumpers, others are of meticulously planned performances, and some are just routine fun skydives between friends. Each of these videos, regardless of nature, give a glimpse into the wonderful world of skydiving.

If you are reading this, it is likely you are a tandem skydiver getting ready to make your first jump. So, the video you are likely to receive is going to be a video that captures your first-time skydiving experience to a t. This way, even if your friends and family cannot join you for a jump, they can experience the magic with you again and again!

At Oklahoma Skydiving Center we offer several different skydiving video packages. We will explore them below!

Skydiving Video Basic Package: Hand Cam

Our basic tandem skydiving video package is filmed using a camera set up attached to your instructor’s hand (hence hand cam!). Our primary skydiving video package is an option of either high definition video or still photos of your skydive using the hand cam. The next option is both video and stills taken utilizing the hand-cam.

The hand cam provides an up close and personal first-person view of your first -time tandem skydive.

skydiving video hand camera

Outside Camera

At Oklahoma Skydiving Center, we also offer a deluxe video and photo package. With this skydiving video package an outside camera is used to capture everything. With an outside tandem skydiving video, you will have your very own dedicated professional camera flyer filming you on your jump from just a few feet away!

The tandem video and photos tandem from an outside camera will include shots of you in the aircraft, outside of the aircraft, in freefall, and as you come in for landing under the parachute. Your personal skydiving videographer will also interview you before and after the jump.

What’s the difference?

Your tandem skydiving video captured by a separate camera flyer means you have another person joining you on the skydive—this also means another person to interact with and play around with in the sky. The handcam tandem skydiving video option is a camera poised on your instructor’s hand. This means it is right there along the entire ride, including the ride under the parachute.

However, we think the best perspective comes from the outside camera flyer. This is because they can capture more than shots of your face. The outside tandem video captures various perspectives like shots of you coming out of the airplane, shots of the ground below you, and shots that capture just how fast you’re falling!

Can two people use the same video person?

Unfortunately, a videographer can only fall with one tandem jump pair (instructor and student) at a time. For example, if you come to jump with one of your friends, the camera flyer is only able to fall with one of you at a time. This is because you and your friend will jump separately. Though, we do our best to get you in the same aircraft, when it comes time to jump, one of you goes first and then the other follows about 10-15 seconds after.

Skydiving Videos at Oklahoma Skydiving Center

Why get a skydiving video?

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a noise? Similarly, if you made a tandem skydive and didn’t get a video 1. Did it even happen? And 2. How’s anyone going to believe you!?


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