What to Know About Bringing a Group Skydiving

Friday, February 28, 2020

A party of one just isn’t as fun. Did you know your skydiving excursion doesn’t have to be a solo activity? Friends enrich our lives and our experiences. The same goes for skydiving. We’ve found at Oklahoma Skydiving Center, that when it comes to the skydiving experience, the more the merrier. Come one, come all! Here’s what you need to know about bringing a group skydiving. 

Make Reservations Ahead of Time

While sometimes we can sneak a single jumper onto a load, we strongly advise that groups interested in skydiving on the same day make reservations ahead of time. This allows us to staff appropriately and to ensure that as far within our ability, your group can stick together. 

skydiving jumpsuits

Practice A Little Patience

As much as we’d love to get everyone in the air at the same time, with larger groups, sometimes it simply isn’t possible. There are only so many slots on the plane and a limit on how many bodies can occupy those slots. Safety and logistics are two things we pay extensive attention to, so please trust, if we have to split your group up, there is a good reason! Plus, you’ll still be able to be with the members of your group throughout the majority of the process leading up to boarding the plane and can be right there to cheer them on when they land!

Tandem skydive landing, Oklahoma Skydiving Center

Save Some Dough

There are some definite perks of bringing your friends skydiving: emotional support, laughs, camaraderie. There also happens to be the opportunity to save a little money! At Oklahoma Skydiving, we offer some competitive group rates to incentivize you bringing your buds out for a tandem skydive. For groups of 4-9 we offer $5 off per person. For groups of 10+, we offer $10. If you have a group even larger or a special fundraising event, reach out to us, we may be able to offer you an even better rate!

Get Video!

It’s easy for friends to play it tough when they are on the ground and another story to see the live action version of their skydive on video! Sharing the skydiving experience is half the fun. The other half is gathering around to watch every priceless moment from exit to landing. 

skydiving videos

We welcome our customers  to use their personal video and photo cameras on the ground. However, to help ensure your safety and the safety of our instructors, no personal cameras are allowed on a skydive. We abide by the recommendation of the United States Parachute Association that skydivers need a minimum of 200 jumps and specific training before utilizing photo or video equipment in freefall. 

Give Your Friends a Gift They’ll Never Forget

Sometimes our best buds need a bit of a push. A tandem skydive makes the perfect gift to commemorate all types of special occasions: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirements,  life milestones, and just because! Give them the gift of flight and see just how high they soar. 

The Oklahoma Skydiving Center gangs all here: all that’s missing is you and your crew!

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