Why Altitude Matters

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ask Mr. Fly

My wife and I have been looking into making a tandem skydive. After doing some research into different places to skydive in the area, it seems most go to 10,000 feet. On your website it says you can get a tandem that goes up to 18,000 feet. Other than a number, we are wanting to know what’s the difference? Why does altitude matter?



Dear Neoflyer,

Have you ever heard the saying ‘go big or go home’? This, case in point, is a perfect example of that. If you know this may be a one-time deal for you (maybe it’s being done on a dare or just to cross it off your bucket list), regardless of the reason, why settle?

The freefall during a tandem skydive from 10,000 feet lasts about 30 seconds (that’s nearly as short as the time than it takes to sing your ABC’s). From 14,000 ft., the time nearly doubles! You end up with 60 glorious seconds to soak it all in. And, if you spring for high-altitude skydiving from 18,000feet, you are up to 90 seconds of freefall.

So, why should you care about skydiving altitude? Well, don’t you want to get the most out of this experience?  Like so many things, you will wish it had lasted longer. The more time you have in freefall the more you can soak in the amazing views around you to get your money’s worth. Plus, the higher you go the more time you have to capitalize on this thrilling experience.


The other thing that can set a skydive apart is your ride. If you are paying for the experience of a lifetime, taking to the sky in style is probably what you are after. While Cessna’s are the work horse of any skydive facility (trusty, sturdy, reliable), they can take a while to get to altitude. At Oklahoma Skydiving Center, you can have the opportunity to get to altitude lickity split and in more spacious accommodations to boot. Oklahoma Skydiving Center has recently added a Turbine aircraft to their fleet, which gets you in the air and swept off your feet in half the time it would take in a Cessna! This is something special they offer that the other drop zones in the area do not.

If you think a top-notch experience is what you are after, come check out Oklahoma Skydiving Center.

Ready to Take the Leap? Learn More about Tandem Skydiving at OSC! 

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