The Skydiving team at Oklahoma Skydiving Center are THE BEST!

We are picky when it comes to our skydiving team. Having experience is important to us, and so is having the right attitude! Our team is friendly and fun to learn with. Most of us learned to skydive right here at Oklahoma Skydiving Center. We are truly here to help you learn to skydive and we are passionate about it. Here is just a little info on our team!

becks (2)

Andy & Alyssa Beck – The Beck’s love skydivers and skydiving. Andy has over 11,000 skydives, 1030 BASE jumps, USPA Tandem, IAD, and AFF Insturctor. FAA Senior and Master Parachute Rigger. USPA PRO demonstration rated skydiver. Has been skydiving since 1999 in Oklahoma, and on staff at Oklahoma Skydiving Center since he started!  Alyssa has been around dropzones and running manifest off and on since 2000 and has 40 skydives herself and is the dropzone mom!

Jarod Thompson – Over 3000 skydives, 100 BASE jumps, USPA Tandem and AFF Instructor. Has been skydiving since 2009 in Oklahoma.


Zack Line - Almost 600 skydives, 65 BASE Jumps, he is an USPA Coach and First Jump Course instructor. Zack has been skydiving since 2014.

Grant Rassmussen – 800 skydives, USPA Tandem and IAD Instructor.

Grant Freeman – Over 2000 skydives,100 BASE jumps, USPA Tandem Instructor, Coach and first jump ground school instructor. Grant has been skydiving since 2007.

Josh McBride – 600 skydives, and 15 BASE Jumps, Josh is a USPA Coach and first jump ground school instructor. Josh has been skydiving since 2010.



Mike Rassmussen – Almost 1000 skydives, USPA Tandem and IAD instructor. USPA PRO demonstration rated skydiver. Mike has beenskydiving since 1981. Yes Mike started skydiving on rounds!


Aaron Downing – Over 300 skydives, expert parachute packer.


Max Maroney – Professional pilot trained through OSU flying aggies in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  He is also on the OSU flight team.  Skydiving Pilot with over 1000 flight hours.