We Two Different Skydiving Training Methods For Making Your First Skydive From 14,000 feet!  More Freefall Is More Fun!

Oklahoma Skydiving Center is the best place to begin your skydiving training.  Oklahoma Skydiving Center uses an innovative mixture of practical exercises, lectures, and videos to explain the steps involved in making your first skydive. ALL of our instructor’s are United States Parachute Association (USPA) Certified Instructors. Some of the progressive training we use includes simulated systems operations such as canopy flight control, harness functions, and aircraft procedures and exits. Skydiving skills are discussed, described, and practiced until you and the instructor are both satisfied with your performance. At the end of your training you should feel confident and comfortable with your decision to enter the unique sport of skydiving.  Click here to look at our Accelerated Freefall ProgressionOSC

Accelerated Freefall Student Class – 6 hour class Skydive From 14,000 Feet!



Skydiving Training Skydiving Training at Oklahoma Skydiving Center

The Solo Student skydive training program is the USPA’s Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training for students who want to experience free fall on their first skydive. You exit the aircraft at 14,000 feet with two instructors to hold and guide you through the approximately 60 seconds of free fall. With more freefall per jump you will learn faster and become a better skydiver in less time!  Accelerated Freefall training consists of seven training skydives, each with specific learning objectives that allow you to learn and advance at a rapid pace. The instructors watch each move and assist you when necessary. Accelerated Freefall training begins with a 6 hour ground school, after which you will make your first skydive.

Tandem Skydive – Short Briefing, 14,000′ Jump attached to an instructor


Skydiving Training at Oklahoma Skydiving Center  Skydiving Training


Tandem skydiving training offers you the opportunity to experience the long free falls enjoyed by advanced skydivers on your first jump. After a short period of instructions, you will be harnessed to a certified tandem instructor who will assist you through a free fall of approximately 60 seconds from an altitude of 14,000 feet, and a 5-10 minute canopy ride.  We skydive from higher than anyone else in our area!  MORE Freefall is MORE fun!