Can You Listen to Music While Skydiving?

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Is there anything better than listening to hype music while you’re doing something amazing? Anyone who has watched or participated in a sporting event knows that the quality of the pre-game playlist sets the tone for the whole game. 

Music has a way of getting the blood pumping and adrenaline rushing – just like skydiving. It would stand to reason, then, that skydiving music would send the whole experience off the charts. Bringing the best skydiving songs along on your first jump seems like it would be a great idea. 

But can you listen to music while skydiving? Unfortunately, as cool as that sounds (no pun intended hehe), it’s not a good idea. That doesn’t mean you can’t still make a skydiving playlist, though! There are plenty of great songs for skydiving that you can rock out to on your way to make your first jump. 

There are several reasons why you can’t bring music along with you on your skydive that range from safety precautions to pure enjoyment. You might be surprised how much music can impact your experience! 


skydiving experience OK

You are more than a passive passenger, even on your very first jump. You are going to be an active participant in your skydive, and it’s crucial that you are focused on the task at hand. Focus is so important that you need to be paying attention even before your skydive starts. Your name will be called when it’s time for your briefing and if you don’t hear that, you’ll miss your whole skydive! We love a good banger, but no song is worth that! 

Complete focus is even more important during the actual skydive. Having music blasting can easily distract you from maintaining a good body position or responding to your instructor’s physical cues in freefall. There’s a reason you go through all of that training before getting in the plane, and you don’t need music overriding all of that hard work! 

Though your instructor can’t talk to you in freefall (more about that in a second), you are easily able to communicate once the parachute opens. And even if you don’t care to have every landmark within 360 degrees pointed out to you, there will be safety information that you will need to be able to hear. 

Your instructor will want to be able to communicate all sorts of things to you. You will review landing procedures together once your parachute is open, and then you will obviously do the real landing at the end of the jump. Communication is especially key for this part of the skydive. Your instructor may even just need to say something as mundane as asking you to shift your weight a certain way. 

This is your skydive. Make sure you’re mentally present for it! 

The Wind

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It’s loud! As you might have guessed, falling at 120mph isn’t exactly tranquil. Imagine what it sounds like when you roll down your car window on the highway. Now double that and you’ll have an idea of how loud the wind is while you’re in freefall. Even if you could hear your music, it would probably sound like that AM radio station that never comes in all the way. 

Playing super loud music directly into your ears would also be terrible for your eardrums. You would have to turn the volume up so high that you’d be pumping some serious decibels. Even though it’s only about 60 seconds, it’s probably not worth the damage it could cause to your hearing. 

Another potential hazard would be losing your earbuds. Those things fall out if you just brush against your ear the wrong way. Imagine what would happen at 120mph! It’s best to be as streamlined as possible when it’s time to exit the airplane. 

Hype Songs


Just because you can’t listen to music during your skydive doesn’t mean you can’t still use some great tunes to amp you up. Listen to your favorite hype song on the way to the dropzone to get yourself in the right headspace to jump out of an airplane. 

Here are some of our personal favorites: 

Pro tip: Get a video of your jump and watch it with your favorite song blasting as a way to relive your amazing experience!

That windy sky is going to be music to your ears and we can’t wait to sing along with you. Book now to get the party started!!

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