Can You Skydive Solo Your First Jump

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Are you ready to solo skydive? Great! We’re so excited to welcome to you this amazing sport! One of the most common questions we encounter is ‘can I solo skydive for my first jump?’ Skydiving is an amazing adventure and we know for many, skydiving solo is a bucket list goal. At Oklahoma Skydiving Center, you may skydive solo, after entering our student program through the tandem progression. Let’s break it down:

What is a Tandem Skydive

Tandem skydiving was invented in 1983 by early skydiving pioneer, Ted Strong, then later Bill Booth, revolutionized the skydiving industry technology so we could introduce newbies to this incredible sport. Tandem – having two things arranged one in front of the other – is just that. You are harnessed in front of an experienced instructor who wears a parachute system designed for two people. Tandem skydiving is the most popular way to experience skydiving and here at Oklahoma Skydiving Center we welcome guests from Oklahoma City to Tulsa and everywhere in between! 

tandem skydiving near Oklahoma City OK

Why Do You Tandem Skydive For Your First Time

We know, being attached to someone isn’t some people’s cup of tea, and others would have it no other way. At Oklahoma Skydiving Center, we believe that the tandem skydive helps prepare students for the solo skydiving experience to come. Here’s why:

  • It gives students the opportunity to experience the etiquette of how to be around airplanes, 
  • How to board the airplane
  • Experience approaching the open door of the plane and the rush of jumping out
  • Familiarize students with the freefall experience and procedures
  • Familiarize students with the parachute opening, flying and landing procedures
  • Helps students familiarize themselves with what things look like from the parachute to prepare to land the parachute on their own
  • Finally – it’s the experience that is a defining moment for some – they either discover that perhaps solo skydiving isn’t for them, and others discover that they’re ready to progress through the solo skydiving student program. It’s better to learn this on tandem, investing less time in training and preparation, than on your first solo skydive. 

What Happens When You Begin Tandem Before Solo Skydiving

We found students are more prepared and confident when entering the student program when they’ve done a tandem skydive first. It doesn’t seem like much, but there is so much more you are responsible for when solo skydiving. This first taste of flight sets up our future students for success and we can build on what they already know to solo skydiving. 

How Do I Progress to Solo Skydiving at Oklahoma Skydiving Center

Yes! We’re so excited you asked! After you do two training tandems (we refer to as Level 1 and Level 2), you will then enter our solo skydiving program – called Accelerated Freefall (AFF) – by taking the First Jump Course. (Even though your next jump will technically not be your first, it will be your first solo skydive.) The training program consists of simulated systems from canopy flight control to aircraft procedures and exits, emergency procedures, skills discussed, and more. 

OKC AFF Skydiving

In the solo skydiving program you will jump with two certified instructors with one on each side. As you progress you will learn more freefall skills and canopy flight control. 

Benefits of Solo Skydiving

Solo skydiving – in our opinion – is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences there is! Mastering a skill like no other builds confidence – you’ll notice a pep in your step and lingering conversations about this great sport. And you’ll create a wonderful community of like-minded people from all walks of life! 

If you’re ready or you’d like to more about our solo skydiving program, click HERE.


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