Is it OK to Eat Before Skydiving?

Sunday, November 20, 2022

YES! Skydiving is considered an extreme sport, so it’s necessary that our bodies are properly fueled to take on such a monumental feat! BUT let’s talk about why, when, and what to eat before skydiving, because there’s a right and wrong way to do it. 

Should I eat before skydiving?

Why is it so important to have something on your stomach before jumping? It can actually help to prevent feeling nauseated! Big shocker, right? Well, think about it like this: food is your friend. When we’re not fueled up, our blood sugar drops, leaving us feeling shaky, woozy, or even with headaches and increased anxiety. So, should you eat before skydiving? YES! Skydiving is an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime activity (or the beginning of a lifelong obsession!) and will naturally increase the nervous jitters! We don’t want to increase them even more by not eating. 

Another perk of eating before jumping is increased energy! Sick skydiving pics and videos only happen when you’re having a blast, not when you’re dozing off mid-freefall. Food = energy = fun! 

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When should I eat?

Eat as you normally would and stop eating an hour or so before your jump. Envision how your body reacts to being on a plane or roller coaster – this is sort of how it feels when the parachute turns! If swallowing just isn’t happening on the day of your jump because of those jump-day nerves (woop woop!) then try a few crackers, a hydrating sports drink, or a smoothie. Timing is key, but as long as you’re not eating anything crazy heavy (no chili cheese dogs, please) right before, you should be good to go. 

Can I eat anything?

Umm… no. You can’t eat anything – meaning please DO eat, but in moderation. If it’s normal for you to scarf down 10 toaster strudels (mmmm yummy) every morning, then maybe cut back to 5 on the day of your jump. If you aren’t a breakfast person, then don’t eat breakfast and opt for a couple crackers on the way to the dropzone – AKA the happiest place on earth. Basically, eat what you would normally eat at an opportune time and in moderation. 

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Should I drink before my skydive?

Should you drink water before your jump? Yes. Alcohol? No. Cracking open the canned heat the night before is a recipe for disaster. Staying hydrated the day before and of your jump is critical to a fun time! 

Even though you’ll have a million and one things running through your brain, don’t forget to sip that sweet agua. Dehydration causes all the parts of your body to go on high alert and can result in dizziness, fatigue, and just an overall “bleh” feeling. Hydrating appropriately is just as important as eating on jump day! We’re not over here chugging 10 water bottles along with our toaster strudels, either. Remember: everything in moderation. 

Remember: you booze, you lose (your cookies). And no, you cannot skydive under the influence. 

Eat, drink, be happy! 

The majority of the people in this world will never get to experience the freedom of flight and the fact that you ARE is something worth celebrating. Skydiving, especially for the first time, can really take it out of you. Your body works extra hard to release all the happy chemicals associated with jumping and combined with the anticipatory stress, it’s going to need some sustenance. 

When your post-jump appetite revs up, these local gems got ya covered! 

Will skydiving make me motion sick?

Don’t let the fear of getting motion sick stop you from skydiving – it’s rare! While there are parts of skydiving that can induce feelings of motion sickness (commonly the plane ride and the parachute descent), these are easily mitigated, if not totally preventable. 

Trust us, we don’t want you to get motion sick just as much as you don’t want to, so the most important thing to do is communicate. If you know you’re prone to it, let us know on the ground! We can help you breathe through the plane ride and guide the canopy to the ground in a not-so twisty-turny way. Staying hydrated and fed, communicating with your instructor, and some deep breaths will get you through any skydiving motion sickness – you’ve got this! 

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So, can you eat before skydiving? Yes, it’s recommended! Skydiving is a fun-filled activity that is unlike anything else on this planet and we can’t wait to experience your first freefall with you! Contact us with any questions or concerns, we’re here and happy to help! 


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