How to Buy Used Skydiving Gear Locally

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Is used skydiving gear even a thing? When you’re first starting out, used skydiving gear doesn’t seem that appealing. However, you’ll begin to realize skydivers are very meticulous about their gear, and manufacturers build quality equipment that lasts for thousands of skydives. So yes, used skydiving gear is a thing and we want to guide you in how to buy used skydiving gear. 

What To Wear Skydiving For The First Time. Skydiving Oklahoma

We’ll make no bones about it – skydiving is an expensive sport. Not only is there an initial upfront investment to learn to skydive, all the equipment adds up as well as the cost of each consecutive jump. Some newer skydivers rent equipment, some piecemeal purchasing other equipment, and some rely on credit cards to go all out. Depending on your financial situation, let’s look at a few options. 

What Skydiving Equipment to Purchase

There’s a laundry list of skydiving equipment to buy. Let’s break down what you’ll need to be kitted up and if you’d like a simple equipment list, head over HERE:

Skydiving Helmet – this may be a soft or hard shell helmet that protects your noggin. The most popular skydiving helmet is a full-faced helmet. Full-face helmets aid in quieting the freefall noise, add comfort, have audible altimeter pockets built in, and offer the best protection. 

Skydiving Altimeter – this is a wrist mounted altimeter (sometimes, but rarely, chest mounted) that reads your altitude on the way up in the plane, freefall, and under canopy. Altimeters are either analog or digital and some even have different features.

Skydiving Audible Altimeter – is exactly that, a small device mounted in one’s helmet that beeps at pre-set altitudes to help you maintain your altitude awareness. There are several different audible altimeters on the market – some are simple, and some complex with added features.

Jumpsuit – a jumpsuit is a specifically designed suit to aid in the freefall discipline of your choice. In skydiving, there are many different disciplines such as belly flying (or relative work or formation skydiving), freeflying (or vertical formation skydiving), angle flying, canopy relative work (CRW), canopy piloting, or wingsuiting. Each discipline requires different features on the suit to add power, speed, or maneuverability. Some skydivers choose to jump in shorts and a t-shirt, but there are dangers in that, and most are encouraged to wear a skydiving jumpsuit.  

Parachute Container – this is the system (aka “rig”) that houses your main and reserve parachutes as well as the Automatic Activation Device. Parachute containers can be fully customized to your shape and size, your choice of colors and design, or be really simple or purchased stock. 

Sigma Tandem Rigs at Oklahoma Skydiving Center

Reserve Parachute – this is the life saving, back-up parachute in case the main parachute malfunctions.

Main Parachute – this is your everyday parachute. There are many different shapes, styles, and sizes of main parachute with different flight characteristics. Main parachutes are purchased based on your weight and skill level. 

AAD – Automatic Activation Device. This handy piece of equipment is a mini digital computer that is installed in your container. It’s only function is to monitor your speed and altitudes. Should you be unconscious in freefall or unaware, it will fire the reserve parachute as the ultimate back up. Although many skydiving centers do not make this mandatory, it is a crucial and encouraged piece of skydiving equipment. 

To Buy Used or New Skydiving Equipment – That is the Question

Not only buying used or new skydiving equipment is the question, but also: To rent or buy new skydiving gear? To buy new or used or to rent is ultimately up to the skydiver. There are pros and cons to each such as: Purchasing all new skydiving equipment is expensive! But so does renting after a time. If you do the math, if rental equipment costs around $50/jump and you make a handful of jumps each weekend, you could’ve put a nice downpayment on a new rig or purchased used. And there is a sea of new and used skydiving equipment – how do you choose? 

Skydiving Gear

Generally, we recommend new skydivers first buy a helmet, altimeter, and jumpsuit. Then, rent a container with a main/reserve/AAD until you figure out what size parachute you’ll be on for the next 100+ jumps. Then, consider purchasing your container, main and reserve parachute and AAD. 

Here’s a snapshot of approximate costs of new and used skydiving equipment:

Cost of New and Used Skydiving Equipment

These prices are approximate as skydiving gear can increase with customization, decrease with age/wear/tear; increase with taxes as well as gear continually evolves, changing the prices of new and used skydiving equipment.

Skydiving Helmet Open Face$50-$375$25-$100
Skydiving Helmet Full Face$250-$500$125-$300
Skydiving Altimeter – Analog$170-$370$50-$125
Skydiving Altimeter – Digital$199-$430$75-$200
Audible Altimeter $109-$400$75-$200
Parachute Container$2500-$5500$1200-$3000
Reserve Parachute$1450-$1800$800-$1250
Main Parachute$2200-$2500$900-$1900
AAD $1000-$1200$650-$850

Where To Buy Skydiving Equipment

We aren’t afraid to say there are many gear stores around the globe, skydiving equipment manufacturers and used gear sites you can buy from. In fact, it’s a great place to start researching what’s available. However, today there are so many different manufacturers, gear stores, models of equipment, jumpers who just want to get rid of old equipment, that it can be overwhelming and confusing on what to buy, and who to buy skydiving equipment from. 

We’re very fortunate here at Oklahoma Skydiving Center, as we are knowledgeable skydivers, instructors, and skydiving equipment dealers, that can offer tips and suggestions about the various types of skydiving equipment, what to purchase new and what you can purchase used. We can also guide you on where to buy skydiving equipment – whether locally with us, or elsewhere. 

Oklahoma Skydiving Center Dealership

Yes! We are honored to be dealers for some of the most reputable brands in skydiving such as: 

United Parachute Technologies (UPT), Mirage Systems, Precision Aerodynamics, Aerodyne, Performance Designs, Tony Suits, Phoenix-Fly, and more, which means we can help new skydivers pick out new or used skydiving equipment locally at the best prices!

One of the greatest things in skydiving is that we are here for you. Buying new or used skydiving gear is a huge investment and we want to make sure you buy skydiving gear that best suits your size and skill level for your safety and longevity in the sport. Want to check out more? Give us a call or click and we’ll be happy to help!

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