Wednesday, May 30, 2018

We get phone calls all the time for pricing, and we have a great price, but pricing is probably not the only question you should be asking!

Not all skydiving experiences are created equal! With over 50 years of business Oklahoma Skydiving Center believes in investing to create the best possible skydiving experience available!

TEAM –  When it comes to skydiving you want to skydive with an experienced instructor, and we have the blessing of have the most experienced team around!  All instructors are USPA certified and we are very picky with our instructors to make sure you receive the best possible experience!


Aircraft – We have the only Turbine aircraft in the region!  What that means to the new skydiver is 14,000 feet of pure awesomeness!  Other skydiving centers jump as low as 8,500 feet or maybe up to 10,000 feet which only gives you between 15-30 seconds of freefall.  With our 14,000 – 18,000 feet of jump altitude you will get 60-90 seconds of freefall.  That is 200-300% more freefall time that anywhere around!  Now that is a real skydiving experience!

Oklahoma Skydiving Center Turbine 206

Gear – We use state of the art tandem and student gear.  For the tandems we use the UPT sigma system which offers unequaled quality of construction and safety for both the student and the tandem instructor!  Mirages RTS student system is specifically designed with students in mind.  We even use student specific canopies for our students to give you the right range of performance and forgiveness for new skydivers.

Sigma Tandem Rigs at Oklahoma Skydiving Center

Facilities – Oklahoma Skydiving Center has two 10,000 foot hangars where we house our skydiving operations.  With our air conditioned student training classroom and USPA certified instructors you will have the highest level of comfort and competence from our skydiving school.

Landing Area – Our landing area on the Cushing Regional airport is one of the largest landing areas for skydivers in the world!  It is perfect for learning to skydive!

Learn More about Tandem Skydiving at Oklahoma skydiving center!

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