Skydiving Wedding Day

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Skydiving wedding on the way to altitude?  We’ve done that!

Rick and Angie Harris contacted us about a unique wedding idea to see if we could help pull if off.  They had both been married before and had the usual traditional weddings and wanted to do something special for their marriage, SKYDIVE!  After a few phone calls and a little organizing we were able to help them make their dreams come true!

We are fortunate enough to have a skydiving mayor who is also qualified to officiate weddings.  Tony Scarborough performed a wonderful ceremony on the way to 14,000 feet above Oklahoma to make a wedding celebration skydive immediately after the “you may now kiss the bride”  Tony was also celebrating this jump as it was his 600th skydive!

Angie opted for the outside video and brought along her bouquet!  She held on to it through the 120 mph winds and the flowers were even mostly there after free falling 60 seconds through the sky!  She even used them for some pictures once the newlyweds landed safely on the ground!

We wish Rick and Angie Harris the absolute best in life!  It was awesome to have the opportunity to share this experience with everyone!

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