What Skydiving Says About You

Monday, September 25, 2023

Are skydivers crazy? Absolutely not! Skydiving is more than just an adrenaline-filled adventure – it’s an activity that reflects an individual’s mindset and general approach to life. Let’s dive deeper into the beauty of skydiving, what skydiving feels like and what wanting to skydive says about you as a person (Ahem… NOT crazy)!

What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

Skydiving experience

It’s pretty safe to assume that almost everyone is curious about what skydiving feels like. That’s why skydiving is one of the top items on everyone’s bucket list! As skydivers, we get the question all the time, “what is skydiving like?” To be honest, it’s hard to explain the external and internal feelings we get while on the skydive – but we will do our best!

Anticipation: Leading up to the skydive, you’ll notice the anticipation bubbling up inside you, ready to explode! Sweaty palms, heart racing, knees weak – the mental challenge to fight this feeling and push on past your boundary really gets your adrenaline going (especially during the 15 minute climb up to 14,000 ft in altitude). Somehow, the camaraderie and chatter on the plane brings you comfort and distracts you enough from the voice inside your head telling you STOP! If it was just you up there, perhaps you’d let your anxiety get the better of you and chicken out!

Freedom: As soon as you exit the airplane, you’ll almost immediately leave your worries behind and feel a huge release of all the pent up anxiety. This is the moment of absolute freedom, you allow yourself to just be and give yourself the space to just enjoy this moment. While you are, in fact, racing up to speeds of 120 mph, it won’t quite feel that way. You won’t get a falling or “stomach drop” sensation, it’ll feel more like you’re being held up by a giant column of wind. Have you ever stuck your hand out of a car window while driving down the road going 60 mph? It feels like that, but on your whole body (and at double the speed), and it’s a whole lot of fun!

Relief: Once the parachute opens you’ll feel a sense of relief and complete peace will overcome you. The views of Mother Earth and serenity of the sky will almost drive you to tears as you drift back down to the ground. You’ll gain a whole new appreciation for our beautiful planet and for life. After your skydive, you’ll feel on top of the world: empowered to a degree you couldn’t possibly imagine beforehand. And the effects of the adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin pumping through your body giving you a euphoric feeling that will last for hours even after it’s over. It’s really something that needs to be experienced to fully understand.

What Skydiving Says About You

It may be obvious to recognize that it takes someone who is adventurous, seeking a thrill, and perhaps a bit of an adrenaline-junkie to actually make a skydive. The term “adrenaline-junkie” makes us sound like we’re all crazed skydivers looking for the next thing to put our lives in danger without regard for anything else. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth – it goes much deeper than that. Skydiving says you enjoy living your life to the fullest, you embrace challenges, you are willing to take risks to gain new experiences in order to become your higher self. Here is what skydiving says about YOU:

You Embrace Challenges

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If you skydive or are interested in skydiving, that should tell you that you are willing and able to seek new experiences, embrace challenges, and overcome your fears. Making the choice to make a tandem skydive or to learn how to skydive solo shows that you have a willingness to improve your mental strength and grow as a person; an admirable quality, indeed. You are courageous and are willing to step outside of your comfort zone to confront your fears. You’re open to exploring that fear and actually use it as a driving force for personal growth rather than letting it consume and overcome you.

You Are Willing to Take Risks

How bad do you want a meaningful adventure? You’ll stop at almost nothing for an opportunity to challenge yourself, gain a new perspective and appreciation for life. You have a deeper understanding that life is meant to be experienced, that carefully calculated risks are supposed to be taken, and that boundaries are meant to be pushed. Because without pushing the limits, how will you ever bloom and emerge as a beautiful, strong, wise, and ever-evolving human? A person who skydives has an extremely open mind and unique approach to life; they refuse to play it safe and settle for mediocrity. Carpe diem!

You Work Well Under Pressure

How Fast Do You Fall When Skydiving

Can you add “skydiver” to your resume? Sure, why not?! Skydivers are able to take a deep breath, assess a high-stress situation, and make the most logical decision. You are able to hyper-focus, remember important information (body positions, emergency procedures, landing patterns), and make quick life-saving decisions all while under pressure. You’re able to adapt to unintended situations and safely adjust your plan in order to have a successful landing. This means you’re ready for anything and capable of making it through a sticky situation.

One thing we love about skydiving is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all experience. I can mean something completely different to you than the person next to you on the plane. Come see what skydiving says about you! Book your jump with Oklahoma’s most experienced dropzone – Oklahoma Skydiving Center. Blue skies!

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