Skydiving Demo: The Perfect Idea for Your Next Big Event

Monday, April 13, 2020

Picture this: The crowd is silent. Every set of eyes is trained on the sky. Above the assembly are four individuals. Each one is suspended beneath their own billowing parachute. As they weave around, two leave a billowing plume of colored smoke in their wake. Another member of the skydiving exhibition team is outfitted with a massive American flag and the other individual tows a streamer behind her. As each pair of feet touches down upon the ground the crowd’s pent up anticipation bursts into an exultant cacophony of clapping and cheering. It’s a masterful feat of human aerial advertising. Or, as we like to call it a skydiving demo. 

Oklahoma Skydiving Demo Team

Since Leonardo Da Vinci first put quill to paper to capture his imaginings with a sketch of the first parachute, or perhaps even before then, man has been captivated by aerial escapades. This still holds true today. This is why, if you really want your event to stand out, a skydiving demo is the way to go. 

Oklahoma Skydiving Center’s Demonstration Team

At Oklahoma Skydiving Center, the highly experienced and professional members of our skydiving exhibition team are ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience for all your get-togethers, gatherings, shindigs, or jamborees! If there’s an event or celebration you’d like to take to the next level, we’d love to help you. 

Demo Team Skydiving

In order to participate in skydiving exhibition jumps, each member of the Oklahoma Skydiving Center Demonstration team has had to qualify for and receive their PRO rating through the United States Parachute Association and jump insurance is available. The PRO rating identifies each of our team members as possessing advanced canopy skills, the ability to provide a professional demonstration of the aforementioned skills, and a working knowledge of Federal Aviation regulations. To qualify for the PRO rating, an individual has to accrue a minimum of 500 skydives on a RAM-air canopy, obtain a D License, the pinnacle of the United States Parachute association licenses, complete an uninterrupted series of 10 declared jumps into a circle ten meters in diameter, and score satisfactorily on the USPA PRO rating exam. 

Aside from the basic requirements to achieve a PRO rating, the considerable skill level and experience of the skydiving demonstration team at Oklahoma Skydiving Center has allowed us to perform dozens of exhibition skydives throughout our region.

Skydiving Demo Services

Our skydiving demo team at Oklahoma Skydiving Center can design an individualized event program with up to four members of the skydiving team. Our jumpers can utilize the American flag, smoke, streamers, and can even carry specific emblems, like a company logo.

Skydiving into a stadium? We’ve got you covered. Want to plan an epic wedding proposal or an anniversary surprise? We can handle that too. Skydiving demos are perfect for events both large and small, and with our help, we can tailor a skydiving exhibition jump that fits your needs exactly. Combine a planned skydiving exhibition jump with video services and voila! You have a memory you can treasure forever and a moment you can share with others for years to come. 

Additional Option for Skydiving Demo Jumps

Our skydiving team at Oklahoma Skydiving Center can also provide a unique way to honor the memory of your loved ones. We offer memorial jumps for individuals who would like to memorialize their loved ones by sending them off on one last big adventure with a beautiful, final flight. If you would like to arrange the ash dive over a particular area, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate; however, there are certain locations where even our skilled team cannot jump.

Oklahoma Special Event Skydiving Proposal

Please note: demonstration jumps must be first approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Before we can commit to a location or jump site it will need to be surveyed by a member of our team. If possible, please provide advanced notice so we may file the appropriate paperwork and make necessary arrangements. Once your event site is approved, the Oklahoma Skydiving Center demonstration team will take care of the rest!

If a skydiving demo jump seems right for you, contact us today and let us help you plan an event no one will ever forget.


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