3 Reasons To Go Skydiving on Your Birthday!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Need birthday celebration ideas that will make memories that take the cake? Congratulations, fellow Sooners, you’ve found it! Whether you’re fixin’ to turn 18 or 108, there’s no better way to ring in your personal new year than by experiencing the power of human flight

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On the fence? Consider just three of our favorite reasons to go happy birthday skydiving:

Make Forever Memories

You know how everything feels a little bit different on your birthday? From the moment you open your eyes until the time you call it a day, the air’s a little sweeter, the day’s hugs and salutations are warmer, and you somehow stand taller. It’s like you’re walking on air … 

Y’all. That’s nothing compared to the full-body exhilaration you get while skydiving!

When you skydive, your brain is bathed in a cocktail of appropriately-nicknamed happiness hormones: adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. Each comes in to play as you get ready, get set, and GO! Picture it – the jitters while you gear up; the anticipation of freefall on the ride to altitude; the awe when the door opens and you – yes you! – LEAP into the big blue sky; the calm you feel when you fly under canopy; and, finally, the super-intense feeling of accomplishment when you land. This matrix of sensations cannot be achieved in any. other. way. 

Skydiving birthday celebration

Pro Tip: Get the video! Relive your experience again and again – and share it with family and friends (and on social – #oklahomaskydivingcenter!) Need more info? We got you

Bring Your Besties

The only thing as awesome as having a skydiving birthday, is sharing the experience with the ones you love! Whether they’ll cheer you on from the ground or get sky-high too, inviting family and friends to join in on the adventure makes it all the more special. If you anticipate that some in your group will be apprehensive (or freak out, like moms especially are wont to do), have them read about safety and skydiving

Group Skydiving

If you are the bestie in this equation, consider giving your pal the raddest birthday present ever with a skydiving gift certificate

Pro Tip: Book as a group and take advantage of discounted rates! Groups of 4-9 receive $5 off per person; groups of 10+ receive $10 off per person. Boom.

Join The Club

If you ask the Oklahoma Skydiving Center team, the best day to jump is any day of the week that ends in D-A-Y. But, a whole lot of people – from celebrities to everyday folks – wait to skydive on a day that holds significance. For some, that’s their next birthday, or maybe a milestone birthday; for others it’s a wedding anniversary or particularly meaningful occasion. 

skydiving celebration

Whenever you jump, know that you’ll be joining an elite crew of people from all over the world who have taken the plunge. Headline-makers include George H. W. Bush, who jumped on his 75th, 80th, 85th and 90th birthdays – and his granddaughter, Jenna, who jumped this year to honor what would have been his 97th. Will Smith skydived on his 50th. Sean Diddy Combs jumped on his 49th, calling it his “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER”. Emilia Clarke (aka Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones) celebrated her 34th birthday with a jump. The list is long and supremely impressive. 

Want to join our club? Book now!

Worried the weather might not work for your birthday month? Fear not, birthday buddy, the beautiful blue skies of OK allow us to skydive year round

Ready for an epic birthday? Let’s go!

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