How Much Does It Cost To Skydive in Oklahoma?

Friday, November 8, 2019

Saving money: If we’re not Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, it’s a thing we all have to do. There are, however, smart and silly ways to do it. Right? Saving money on a grocery list, or saving money a car, or saving money on retail clothes… that stuff is straightforward, more or less. Saving money skydiving, however, is quite a bit less so. Understanding a bit about why skydiving costs what skydiving costs can help you make an informed decision when you’re choosing where to jump — for instance, when you’re looking for the best place to skydive in Oklahoma. 

The weird fact is that skydiving prices differ depending on where you jump. When you start researching the cost of a tandem skydive, it’s going to confuse you. That’s normal! There seem to be a pretty big range of prices, and it’s not entirely obvious to the uninitiated why that would be the case. Isn’t jumping out of an airplane the same thing no matter where you go?

The truth is that, while the basic components are the same, the reality of a skydive is super different depending on where (and how) you do it. Here’s the beta!

Skydiving Cost

1. Safety costs money. It does! It totally does.

We think constantly about how to practice safer skydiving. That means that we believe, here at the Oklahoma Skydiving Center, that any equipment we use in the act of parachuting must be top-quality, and we absolutely must maintain it. The reasons behind that might seem obvious — peace of mind, comfort and the good of our beloved sport of skydiving, which suffers bad press with every mishap. Not every dropzone cleaves to the same high standards that we do, but we certainly do, and high standards cost money.

2. Buying a cheap skydive might not necessarily be dangerous, but it will necessarily be not-so-nice.

Looking at a skydiving Groupon? Let us tell you a little about what’s behind that first. The fact is that double-digit skydiving prices are never quite the deal they seem to be at first blush. Take the time to read the fine print, and you might be surprised to discover that additional fees bring the price pretty much right back up to standard. In a few cases, we’ve seen Groupon skydives for sale that require the skydiver to rent his/her own parachute. (Spoiler alert: You’ll definitely need one!)

Skydiving Prices OKC

3. Skydiving prices at a great dropzone are an investment in your future.

Skydiving will be a landmark moment in your life. It’s important to do it right! We’d like to add that — perhaps most importantly — bargain skydives simply aren’t great skydives. Ever. And you want a great skydive, don’t you? It’s often the case that dropzones offering cheap skydives are trying to turn a big profit by burning themselves (and their overworked Tandem Instructors) out with volume. When you’re doing that, you don’t pay vital attention to comfort and safety. Buyer beware, for sure!

We’d absolutely love to show you what a great value making a tandem skydive in Oklahoma can really be. Join us!

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